Which platforms does it support?

The service currently runs on the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, OS X, VMware.

What languages is it available in?

The software is currently available in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Basque and Catalan.

What kind of files can I backup?

It makes a backup of any kind of file securely. Size is no limit. It also integrates plug-ins for making hot database backups in their native format.

How many gigabytes can I backup?

With Yildun Backup, you can backup hundreds or thousands of gigabytes every day. How is that possible? It's possible because only the incremental binary differences regarding the latest copy are transmitted, drastically reducing the channel use and the size of the copy sent. Contact us with no obligation!

How many versions do I have to recover stored data?

You can contract 7, 15, 30 and additionally packages of +30 versions, until you reach the desired quantity.

Can I copy the files opened by the system when copying files?

Yes, the backup process uses Windows Shadow Copy technology, the mandatory locking mechanism of Unix/Linux systems, as well as our own database engines to safeguard a stable copy of any information being used at the time of the backup.

What is the advantage of binary differentiation over other products that don't have it?

Transmitting only incremental binary differences regarding the last backup made. Unlike other incremental backup systems, we use binary differentiation technology that does not transmit the files that have been changed, but rather the changes generated in these files (binary differences). Regarding systems that operate by changes in blocks, our technology does not process the changed blocks, but only a sequence of bits representing the bytes actually changed. Saving data in storage and transmission is paramount, so with the same bandwidth and the same disk volume, our ability to remotely copy data is far superior to other systems.

Are backups made automatically? What of? How often?

Yildun has an easy task scheduler in which the user specifies how often they want to backup (daily, weekly, monthly) and when they want to run it. It also includes the option to shut down once the backup has been made, which allows you to leave a nightly backup scheduled and the PC or laptop is turned off once the backup is finished and transmitted. You can set different backup profiles. Using profiles, you can schedule as many backups as you want at any time and in each of them, you can choose different information to safeguard.

Can the customer restore data, even rebuild data in a catastrophe?

Yes, the client can directly restore any saved information from their local backup or from remote servers. In the event of a catastrophe, any client computer that installs the service with the client keys can retrieve information from remote backups.

Could the server rebuild data in a catastrophe on the client?

Yes, the server can perform a complete restoration, for which the customer must provide the restoration key. In any event, the copy that is generated is still compressed and encrypted, so that the client then can receive it by some external means and it is the client who restores it on their local machines using their keys.

Does information travel securely?

Yes, the SCP protocol is used, so that the line itself is safe, although data also travels encrypted with each customer's keys.

When I want to discontinue the service, what happens to the data?

Data is stored encrypted and coded for two months after completion of the contract in case the client needs to recover them. After this time has passed, all data is destroyed.

What are the advantages of being a distributor?

The main advantage of being a distributor is the ability to expand your business by expanding your range of services offered, without requiring extra spending on infrastructure or staff. Yildun takes care of everything, the distributor can simply perform commercial work with the client, if desired.

Do I need to have my own infrastructure to be a distributor?

Not necessarily, it all depends on what kind of distributor you'd like to be. We have the option of hosting the data in our Data Centers, which would simply mean working as commercial distributor, without having to invest in infrastructure. [ More info ]

Can I request a custom quote?

Of course, our team can advise you on the profile that best suits your needs, current offers and chances to get most benefit to your business. [ More info ]