Who is it for?

The Yildun Backup Service is aimed at service distributors that have clients that are freelancers, and also small and large companies that need to protect their information to ensure business continuity for any contingency that results in loss of data.

This service is particularly suitable for companies that:

  • Still do not have a backup system.
  • Do not have a safe place to store backups.
  • Need to save the company's backups somewhere other than the workplace.
  • Have not yet found the software capable of safeguarding their large volume of data in remote locations, so that they only make backups on local devices.
  • Want to automate the process of making the backup and not delegate it to unattended processes or to company personnel.
  • Want to make backups of laptops from remote location.
  • Handle data considered High Level according to the Data Protection Act (LOPD).