Backup Fee

With Yildun Backup, you can calculate which rate corresponds to your needs. To do this, we start with our scale of storage space from 1GB to 4TB, taking into account the type of system (Server or Workstation).

If you are going to schedule daily backups, the number of versions of your data would be equivalent to the number of days that could be recovered.

Considering the space-saving system that Yildun technology allows, to find out how much space you need to contract, you can use the amount of space that the data on your computer occupies and calculate that, on average, you can save between 15 and 30 versions in the same space under normal conditions.

(This calculation is a statistical average and therefore is not accurate because it depends on variables such as the compressibility and the variability of information that are inherent to their specific information, but it can serve as a reference for you to gauge your first service needs).
* Package +30 backups: to be added to the default number of backups.

Once registered you will have access to all prices. For now, you can estimate what the cost of using Yildun would be based on various options:


(VAT not included)