Why Yildun?

Because we adapt to your needs. The Yildun service is the alternative you have if you want to provide a backup service to all your clients and don't have the hardware infrastructure to do so, or you might not have the technical staff available to undertake this delicate task.

Because without loosing one iota of your identity with your clients, we can provide you with the technical means and human resources necessary so that your clients integrate the service in their systems without having to make a daily effort of attention or any investment in hardware or software. Because we can also provide your customers with our infrastructure of partner Data Centers with redundant servers and wide bandwidth, while you decide the role you want to play in the service.

Because if you want and have the hardware and channel infrastructure, we can handle the software, daily maintenance and human attention to each client's backup on your machines and solve any incidence, whether on your or their machines.

Regardless of the plan you make with us, at the very least we will always offer product support to solve any issues.

Why should you make backups with Yildun?

Using our infrastructure and using Yildun backup software, you can profit in the cloud backup market, a simple way to improve your recurring revenue. Today, several distributors have used Yildun to provide backup services to their clients. The global market for backups continues to grow rapidly in the near future due to the growth rate of data. The opportunity is really attractive and appealing. So do you want to start making profits with Yildun?

Information is replicated to three remote sites, ensuring the retrieval of information, where it is always encrypted with keys that only the client and the client program control.

We have developed the technology. We offer the best quality of service guarantees. We specialize in professional backup, both in standard situations and custom projects. We are at the very least an expert for you and your customers.

In addition to security, Yildun also offers a complete, automatic and economical local and cloud backup service, with the guarantee of being continuously monitored by our technicians that closely monitor every execution and solve every incident, even intervening in the local client system.

Your customers save cost and you don't have to make investments if you don't want to. The physical support of the local client backup are disks on local systems, usually pre-existing. At Yildun, we offer the infrastructure of our Data Centers, specially arranged if you need it. Our support can either be first-line in your name or second-line support. The customer only pays for the contracted space.