What is the Yildun service?

It's a service that performs automatic, unattended backups of all the data you want from the client's local network. This local backup is processed by Yildun's own binary differential technology, which manages to compress information thousands of times. Finally, it is sent encrypted over the Internet to the available servers in a secure Data Center where multiple backups are kept while they are replicated in another remote Data Center.

You will always have:

  1. Agility provided by instant restore of the latest backup, always resident on the machine or on the client's local network.
  2. Security during a disaster given by cloud restore of any previous version of the information residing on backup servers.
  3. Private access guarantee provided by the replication of encrypted information to at least two of our remote servers.
  4. Ubiquity in management, able to handle backups and restores from client machines from anywhere on the Internet.
  5. Everyday commitment of a professional team that is always on top of technology, takes care of all systems, supervises the execution of all processes and responds to the issues and needs of all customers.