How does it work?

The binary differentiation technology held by Yildun let's you make remote backups (Internet backups) by transmission of incremental binary differences, i.e., copying only the modified bits from altered files.

It creates a single file of incremental, compressed differences whose content is able to reconstruct the entire collection of original information. The system behaves like a super compressor, able to reduce the size of the collection of differences by up to three orders of magnitude.

Encryption and secure delivery of information:

First level of encryption: SFTP protocol for data transmission.

Second level of encryption: The data owner can enter a user key that is made with 128/256 bits. This way, it ensures that no one has access to the information stored on the remote, nor can anyone read it.

The directories and files on the server have their own names given by the system so you cannot know the name of the source file that is always encoded within.

Automatic reaction to fallen lines: transmission continues from where the backup left off.

Self-healing and redundancy to save cases of alteration of information (hardware problems, external agents, etc.) so that the client process immediately synchronizes what you need to correct any divergence.